How to Load a Job File via the Discrete I/O Lines?

Note: In order to use this functionality, you must have at least one job saved, and the job(s) to be loaded must be saved with a numerical prefix of 0 to 127 (e.g., 1PinInspection.job).

1.Place the vision system Offline.

2.Select an input Line to configure, and set the Signal Type to Job Load Switch. The job file that is loaded is indicated by the state (0 or 1) of any other input Lines set to Job ID Number.

3.Set at least one other input Line’s Signal Type to Job ID Number.

4.An input set to Job ID Number represents one bit of a binary number. Subsequent line inputs set to Job ID Number represent additional bits of the binary number. The complete binary number represents the numeric prefix (decimal #) of a job file saved in the following format: #jobfilename.job.

5.Place the vision system Online. Review the In-Sight® Explorer Help file for more information on Discrete I/O settings.