Technomedia creates machine vision systems, which are optimized for specific customer needs. They are characterized by speed, accuracy and robustness. Our know-how is based on over 15 years of experience.

For customers who are focused on their primary objectives, or those looking to reduce development time, Technomedia offers turn-key machine vision software solution. Working closely with customers, Technomedia can provide complete and cost-effective solutions.

The process of cooperation includes:

Feasibility studies

Start with in-depth discussion of the customer’s application objectives. The practicability of those objectives is assessed along with the resources needed to achieve them.

During this phase, laboratory tests are carried out and factors as repeatability of results, speed lighting conditions, the negative effects are evaluated. Each approach is fully documented.

Analysis and Planning

Once the feasibility of an application is confirmed, the overall system-level requirements are examined including computer hardware, user-interface design, operating system, development environment, software tools, etc. With this information, a project plan is created that includes developmental milestones and a cost estimate. To accommodate changes in requirements, the project plan can be adapted according to the customer’s needs throughout the planning and development period. For quality assurance purposes, a list of acceptance criteria is agreed upon and documented in close collaboration with the customer. Finally, an agreement formally defines the scope of the project, the plan and associated deliverables as well as the acceptance criteria and cost.

Design and Implementation

Following the detailed analysis and planning of the project, Technomedia works closely with the customer to develop a sophisticated software solution to meet the defined application objectives, system-level requirements, and performance specifications. Finally, Technomedia performs extensive system tests on the software solution for quality assurance.

Project maintenance

We ensure regular check, warranty and after-sales service. If is necessary to adjust the device to changing customer demands or change input parameters, we prepare this change. We offer range of services which includes complete software maintenance throughout its entire life cycle.

Expanded contract of service include:

  • Update of software components.
  • Integration of new components and interfaces.
  • Adaptation to modified hardware components.
  • Extensions for new tasks and requirements.



In addition to training for the operation and maintenance of our facilities, we offer training courses aimed at tackling the challenges of general machine vision. We also offer themes adapted to specific customer needs, focusing on a project.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.